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Hostal en Burgos de dos estrellasHostal en Burgos de dos estrellas Hostal Bezana
C/ Puente Gasset Nº 4 - 09004 Burgos - España
Telf.: 947 20 59 16
Fax.: 947 20 59 16
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Hostel in Burgos with great tradition and experience. Rooms accommodation with modern amenities, as we aim to offer our customers the best comfort to have a pleasant stay and so they can enjoy the wonders of Burgos.

Fachada Hostal Bezana

Facilities: Wifi - Parking - Mini Bar - TV - Bathroom - Disabled Access - dogs and cats are welcome.

Accomodation with breakfast, half board or full board in El Hayedo de Bezana Restaurant
Information: Telephone 947 20 59 16 Brewery Café Restaurant - Restaurants in Burgos, Spain
Hostal Bezana, one of the inns in Burgos, is located in the center of the capital, area near the Museum of Human Evolution and the historic center, which are landmarks such as the Cathedral, El Arco St. Mary, St. Nicholas, The Home Theatre, etc.. And link points to move to places like El Castillo, La Cartuja de Miraflores, Las Huelgas, Atapuerca, etc.. It is also close to amenities.
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Enlace a Camino de Santiado. Hostal en Burgos.